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How To Stay Safe While On The Streets—In Style

It is important that we value our safety in things we do and places we go. It can be daunting to go outside while constantly looking over your shoulder. The idea of harassment while walking down the street is something that is all-too-real sometimes, and it can be even more uneasy at night.

In many cases, women are assaulted when outside alone, even during running and jogging workouts outdoors. Many of these assaults can be prevented or at least put to a halt if the proper measures are taken to ensure self safety. Here are a few ways you can remain safe keep yourself out of harm’s way:

1. Stay Alert

One thing that tends to happen during a jog is the idea of focusing, be it on your breathing, your pace, or general mood while exercising. However, this can distract you from your surroundings. Be sure to know where you are and who is around you. Should you find yourself feeling uneasy, be sure to change your route to a populated area.

2. Trust Your Instincts

If you feel something is not right, stop what you’re doing. If you feel that a stranger is following you, head for a public place or to local authorities. Do not go straight home.

3. Keep Your Music Down

Music can be the ultimate companion when out and about. However, when your mind is occupied somewhere else, it is easy to be at risk of danger. If possible, try not to use headphones while running or jogging or simply be outside alone. If you need to use it, simply keep the volume level low enough for you to be aware of your surroundings.

4. Do Not Entertain Strangers

There seems to always be someone asking for the time or for directions to get somewhere. However, this is also an opportunity for strangers to attack you, especially if it is at night. If someone you do not know is trying to get your attention, do not stop. Quickly head over to a public place and steer clear from possible danger.



5. Do Not Stop Anywhere You'll Be Alone

When you are exercising, there’s a chance that you will want to stop and take a break. However, this can be dangerous. If you need to take a breather, be sure it’s somewhere there are people around. If you’re also walking home alone, do not stop at places that can give someone the chance to assault you.

6. Carry Self-Defense Items With You

Nowadays, more and more companies are promoting the use of self-defense tools. This is especially useful for women who are usually walking alone. Portable ones are better options especially the ones you can conveniently carry while running like pepper spray and stun guns. Unfortunately, women find them hard to bring around as they are bulky and inconvenient.

Many companies promote the use of and offer self-defense tools. They are a variety of useful items that are portable and can help you in the event of an attack or a scenario where you need to defend yourself. However, not all are convenient when it comes to carrying and storing them. Many pepper sprays are bulky and not the easiest to use.

PepperFace provides you a self-defense tool that is not only easy to carry but helps you stay safe in style! Its lightweight, sleek, and portable design makes it easy to carry. Whether it’s in a keychain, or in your purse or bag, PepperFace is guaranteed to provide a self-defense accessory that is both fashionable and convenient. Above all, a PepperFace spray is functional.

Unlike the traditional vertical pepper spray we know, PepperFace is designed to spray horizontally. The purpose of that is to prevent you from potentially spraying yourself while warding off attackers. Moreover, PepperFace also offers a test spray that is water-based so that you can practice using your new pepper spray.

PepperFace units come in nine vibrant colors in their standard line as well as a variety of crystallized versions as well.

PepperFace aims to become an brand that promotes awareness for violence against women.

Remember, it is essential to be mindful of your environment. Always be alert, carry a self-defense tool, and remember to keep calm.

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