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PepperFace is back after a long hiatus! We’ve listened to you and have crafted a new and improved spray!


Our stellar new pepper sprays are now available in several colors and styles. We offer our standard sprays in nine fashionable colors like matte black, gold, pink, and blue. Our renowned crystallized sprays come in 14 different designs such as black diamond, rose gold, sapphire, fuchsia, and more. Our crystallized sprays are wrapped in beautiful Swarovski crystals for a chic appearance without compromising your safety.

  While traditional pepper sprays are effective, they are simply too bulky and have poor       functionality. PepperFace offers a lightweight, stylish solution to self-defense.The pepper  sprays have been redesigned to have wrap-around safety grips to make it simple to  quickly draw your device from wherever you keep it, whether it’s in your purse or on a  keychain. The unique design is easy to use and provides minimal clutter.

 PepperFace also provides a test spray to every customer. The test cartridge is included  with each spray so you can practice effectively accessing and using your spray. Practice is  the key to proper use under pressure. The PepperFace test inserts provide the option to  train safely allowing the user to become familiar with the device.

 As a company partnered with the National Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence (NCDSV), PepperFace works to address the cycles of violence and assault that affect communities nationwide. The National Center collaborates with law enforcement, legal system agencies, advocacy organizations, social service agencies, the military, and other entities to help integrate their strategies to end domestic and sexual violence. Join us in making safety your priority! Protecting yourself has never been easier or more stylish.


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