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Top College Back-To-School Must-Haves

It’s that time of year again when parents smile with anticipation of a free house, and the youngsters get edgy with excitement for the new college year ahead. That’s right, its back to college! 

Unlike the kindergarten years, back to college kit requires a little more thought - gone are the days of lunchboxes and pencil cases: college gear needs a little more thought around it!

Fear not as we have taken the time to curate the best must-have gadgets, tech and essentials from around the web to help you. These are in no particular order, so let’s jump straight in!

1. Cocoon CPG10GY Grid-It Organizer

    Coming in first is the Cocoon Grid-It organizer. This nifty little piece looks simple on the front but turn it over and it’s like a Tardis in your pocket!

    With space to pack in all your tech and college necessities like phones, cameras, mice, headphones, erasers, pencils and any other small gizmos you need for class, the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer is sure to make any college student’s life easier.

     cocoon grid-it organizer

    Buy yours here on Amazon.

    2. PepperFace

    A great addition to anyone’s back to college rucksack is the aptly named PepperFace. Packing a lot of punch in a stylish form factor, this self-protection gadget is sure to keep the less friendly characters at bay while you’re away from home.

    Because it’s easy to conceal and discreet yet not to be messed with, this essential pepper spray canister should find its way into your top 10 must-have’s this fall.

    Available for just $27, this gadget is perfect for you to buy for yourself (calling all college students) or for your loved ones on their way to college this semester.

    There is nothing more important than your safety, and this device will give you an edge over would-be attackers when it matters most, so make sure to grab one and stock up for your friends too!

    pepperface pepper spray in action

    Buy yours now from Pepperface’s official website.

    3. Whiteboard

    I remember my days of writing on a Chalkboard. I joke, I’m not that old. But a great essential for the college room is a decent sized whiteboard, perfect for scrawling last-minute to-dos, class timetables or, if you’re like me, planning the whole semester’s drinking agenda.

    The key to a decent whiteboard is sizing - you don’t want something huge and ugly, but you need to be able to fit a healthy amount of scribbles on there, right? Here is a great example we found on Amazon.

     mead dry erase whiteboard

    Buy yours now for less than $15 on Amazon here

    4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Are you ready for those late study nights? One of the worst things about college life is trying to study with endless chatter, music or parties going on around you.

    Nothing comes in handier than a stunning pair of noise-canceling headphones to keep the external atmosphere tucked away, leaving you to focus on those straight ‘A’s your parents dreamed of.

    We’re a big fan of Bose, although they are a little pricey at $299 so time to clean out that money jar!

     Bose noise cancelling headphones

    Pick yourself up a pair on Bose’s website here.

    5. School Supplies

    The time has come for hard work, so you better kit yourself out with some quality pens, pencils, erasers and gear from our favorite supplies store Staples.

    Plus, Staples is running a 10% off back-to-school promotion now, so be sure to head on over there! We won’t focus too much on this, as there isn’t much to write about pens you don't already know, but it’s essential!

    Check it out on Staples’ website.

    6. A Big Calendar

    It may sound obvious but staying on top of college work and classes is super important to stop you flunking out and becoming a Steve Jobs wannabe. One of the great ways to keep up to date with your calendar is to buy…. a calendar!

    A big one is always better, so you don’t cram items in tiny writing. Fortunately, we found some awesome deals at Barnes And Noble. Don’t spend too much on a calendar, you can pick a decent one up from Amazon if you must!

    Grab yours from Barnes And Noble.

     barnes and noble calendar

    7. Odor Spray/Febreze

    This one is kind of important. And obvious. It’s always best practice to keep a can of this special stuff around the dorm to spray away those nasty football socks smell or the odor from last night’s pizza - you don’t want to be known as the smelly kid on campus! Believe me… 

    Febreze is a great option, but there are loads of smaller brands available for you to choose!

    These are available at most good retail stores, or you may find some alternatives in your local dollar store, so start looking!

     febreze odor sprays

    8. Google Chromecast, For Those Nights In

    It’s fair to say you may have a lot of downtime at college when work is done and there’s nothing else going on it’s probably time to bring out the popcorn and start that new Netflix series you’ve been waiting for.

    There is no cheaper way (that we’ve found) to get your content on the big screen than the Google Chromecast. At just $35, this streaming device plugs straight into the back of your TV and lets you mirror your phone’s screen or apps on the big TV! 

    google chromecast

    Pick one up from the Google store here.

    9. MacBook Pro

    I’m a little biased on this one as a long time Mac fan, but getting work done on your laptop shouldn’t be painful or hard, and one of the best laptops on the market in our opinion is the MacBook Pro.

    Now, these are a little pricey (bank of mom and dad, anyone), but they will last you beyond your college years and really pack a punch! Buy yours from the Apple store and you’ll be the coolest kid on campus (or one of them, as these are super popular in college life!).

    macbook pro

    1. Spikey Drink Spike Stopper

    Now you shouldn’t be drinking at college anyway unless you are 21, but we wanted to add this in just in case a bottle or two do break out. Unfortunately, there are some people that can slip something nasty into your drink without you noticing, so a great way to stop this is by equipping yourself with the Spikey anti-drink spike gadget.

    These push into your bottleneck, with a hole for your straw, and prevent anything being dropped in your drink when you aren’t looking.

    spikey drink spike stopper

    Pick up your Drink Spike Stopper at Amazon.

    There you have it! Our roundup of the top trending gadgets and must-haves for this semester! College is awesome, so make sure you prepare for it.

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