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What Is In Pepper Spray? 

The word pepper spray gets bandied about without a precise definition of what the actual spray is. People wonder if there are real peppers or some proprietary formula.

This article explores what is really in pepper spray and how PepperFace™ uses it to protect our customers.

pepper spray ingredients

What is the evolution of the Pepper Spray?

The first use of pepper spray was in ancient China. Back then, warriors would wrap cayenne powder in rice paper to throw it at the face of their enemies. The weapon disabled the enemy as they attacked them.

However, the modern pepper spray dates to Alan Littman’s creation of mace in 1966. It was the first pepper spray that could disable an attacker quickly without causing permanent damage.

While mace is like pepper spray, it’s more of an irritant. Mace may also occasionally fail in affecting attackers. Notably, those under the influence often did not feel the effects of Mace. Because of this drawback, most mace sprays today use the same ingredients as pepper spray.

Still, improvements over the last few years increased the viability of this non-lethal weapon. The PepperFace™ spray is the next leap in the long evolution of pepper sprays.

What is in my PepperFace™ spray?

PepperFace™ offers two inserts to all our customers. These inserts go into the spray.

pepper spray inserts

The first spray is the “test” insert. As you might guess, this spray has a non-potent water-based formula that allows you to practice using your spray.

The other spray is the “heat” insert. The heat insert is composed of 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), which is an extract from the same chemical that makes cayenne peppers hot. The solution we use grinds down the capsaicin into fine dust, which gets converted into a solvent.

Next, the solvent dissolves into a wax-like resin. That is the OC. We use an additive to ensure the OC works in water.

Importance of Oleoresin Capsicum

As we discussed above, OC is the main ingredient in PepperFace™ pepper sprays. However, we limit the OC to only 10% of the formula.

The 10% OC composition is significant for two reasons.

#1. We have a real 10% formula

Many pepper spray companies calculate the pepper spray by looking at everything in the canister. They take the 10% as a formula of the water, propellant, oil, and other components of the spray. This calculation weakens the pepper recipe.

Conversely, our formula calculates the 10% OC concentration as a percentage of the pepper formula only.

We do not include other ingredients not directly related to the pepper spray formula itself.

#2. Legal restrictions

Because pepper sprays are a non-lethal weapon, some states have regulations in place on the use and purchases of pepper spray. While you can legally carry pepper spray in all 50 states, here are a few national regulations.

Pepper spray sold to consumers can only be:

  • Sold to adults 18 years and older
  • Used for defensive purposes

Additionally, some states have stricter laws:

  • New York – Only local firearms dealers or pharmacies can sell
  • Massachusetts – Only local firearms dealers or pharmacies can sell
  • Michigan – Canister size 1.2 oz. or less and OC maxed at 10%
  • Wisconsin – Canister size 2.1 oz. or less and OC maxed at 10%
  • California – Canister size 2.4 oz. or less
  • Washington D.C. – Pepper spray owners must register device with police

To be clear, PepperFace™ meets the legal requirements of Michigan, Wisconsin, and California.  Washington DC residents must register their PepperFace™ once they receive it in the mail.

How does PepperFace™ protect you?

Understanding what is in each PepperFace™ spray helps you protect yourself.

#1. Horizontal Firing

This component is not so much about the formula, but how you can use it to defend yourself from attackers. When people get attacked, they put their hands to their face in a self-defense stance. With PepperFace™, you can put your hands up to your face and spray your attacker in the same step.

Our spray comes out from the bottom of the cannister instead of the top. You do not have to turn it around in the middle of an attack.

See our instructional video below to learn more:

#2. Practice Sprays

Everyone needs practice before they take their pepper spray out in public. Our “test” insert provides users with the ability to test their spray first.

#3. True 10% OC Formula

Our pepper spray units are entirely refillable! There is no need to repurchase any of our sprays. Visit our online store where you can find options for both the heat and test inserts.

Stay Safe in Style

Find out how you can stay safe in style with one of our Swarovski crystal pepper sprays. They come in 9 colors, so you can find the one that best matches your style.

Now that you know a little more about what is in PepperFace™ have a look at the products we have in our lineup today.

Our lightweight, stylish, and functional pepper sprays keep you safe while making a bold fashion statement. Get your PepperFace™ today!

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