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1 HEAT and 1 TEST insert INCLUDED with each spray purchase.

With the ever-present value of fashion, we’ve incorporated it in the creation of our crystallized pre-designed pepper sprays.  Offered in 14 different designs, these stylish sprays are decorated with actual SWAROVSKI crystals.  The functionality and strength is the same as our standard sprays.  These crystallized sprays are the most stylish pepper sprays in the market! 


Due to USPS shipping regulations, we must ship all orders via ground shipment.

Fires up to a distance of 6 - 8 feet
Holds 4 grams of spray, with 6-8 bursts per unit
10% OC – 10% of pepper formula only; Making it a true 10% OC formulation
2 Million Scoville Heat Units
Made of aircraft grade aluminum body
Easy release, wrap-around safety clip
Straight line activation of a cone-shape spray for better accuracy
Refillable HEAT and TEST inserts available
4.3 x 0.7 inches
1.5 oz.

RESTRICTED STATES: Pepper spray is not available for shipment to residents in AK, HI, MA, or internationally.

WASHINGTON D.C. CUSTOMERS: When ordering pepper spray online, you MUST register your pepper spray as soon as you receive the spray in the mail. You can register your pepper spray at a local police station.

Pepper spray can only be legally used in self-defense to protect yourself against a human or animal attacker.

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