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1. Why PepperFace™ over any other pepper spray?

Although pepper spray is a proven, dependable self-defense tool, majority of women don’t carry one because they are too big, too bulky, and inconvenient to carry around. PepperFace™ offers a sleek, lightweight, and compact pepper spray that is small enough to easily carry on a key chain, a purse or bag, or even in your hand if you’re on a walk or run. In addition to our travel-friendly size, PepperFace™ sprays are designed to be a fashionable accessory. We offer our standard sprays in 9 different vibrant colors, and have 14 different pre-designed crystalized sprays that are decorated with actual Swarovski Crystals! Our crystalizing partner, Crystal Ninja, also allows you to custom design your own spray with a variety of different Swarovski Crystals. Already in the hands of a number of celebrities, PepperFace™ allows you to now “Stay SAFE in STYLE.”

Our units spray horizontally, instead of the traditional vertical spray. The horizontal spray prevents you from ever spraying yourself. In addition, we offer TEST (water based) inserts that allow you to practice using the spray to make sure you have a confident feel on using the product before taking it out in the public for self-defense.

Lastly, PepperFace™ is just not a company that sells pepper sprays. Our goal is for our name to become both an awareness symbol for violence against women and effective prevention against assault. We are striving to change the fact that violence against women does not get the mainstream attention the epidemic deserves. To help us accomplish this goal, we partnered with the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCDSV). Part of PepperFace’s proceeds are donated back to the NCDSV to help their cause.

2. How do I use my PepperFace™?

PepperFace™ sprays are designed for quick, safe, and easy use. Place the spray in your hand where the safety clip is facing you and the spray hole is facing away from you. The sprays are designed to spray horizontally; Preventing you from ever spraying yourself! The secure safety clip has a wraparound design that is released by using your thumb to push up. Once the safety clip is released use your thumb to press the actuator button and the spray will come out horizontally away from you. REMEMBER –safety clip should be facing you.

3. What is the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCDSV) and what is their affiliation with PepperFace™?

PepperFace™ has been partnered with the NCDSV since 2008. The NCDSV is a women organization that designs, provides, and customizes training and consultation; influences policy, promotes collaboration, and enhances diversity with the goal of ending domestic and sexual violence. PepperFace™ strives to be an awareness symbol and an educational resource on violence against women. One way we achieve this goal to become partners with women's organizations across the United States.

4. What distance does my PepperFace™ spray reach and how many sprays are in an insert?

PepperFace™ recently came out with a new designed spray that sprays farther than the old sprays. The new PepperFace™ spray can reach between 6 - 8 feet, depending on the wind. With certain wind conditions, the spray can reach over 10 feet. Each insert has 7-9 sprays, but the spray starts losing power after 5 sprays. You’ll have at least 4-5 full strength sprays.

5. If I decorate my spray with the Swarovski Crystals, is there any warranty on the crystals?

Yes, a lifetime warranty. We are proud of the fact that out the thousands of custom designed sprays sold, we have had less 4 issues with the crystals. If indeed there is ever an issue with your crystals, or they fall off, we will replace them FREE OF CHARGE, you just have to cover shipping costs.

6. What are inserts?

PepperFace™ is one of the few pepper sprays in the market that allows you to practice using the spray before taking it out with you in public. We provide 2 different kinds of inserts; “HEAT” inserts and “TEST” inserts. The “TEST” inserts are water based and used for practice purposes only. We want to make sure you know exactly how to use your spray before you take it out with you. The “HEAT” inserts have the actual OC spray in them. DO NOT use the HEAT inserts for practice. This is the spray that will cause major damage to the eyes and respiratory functions.

7. How do I make sure my insert is in the spray correctly?

To enter the inserts, you unscrew the nozzle opposite side of the safety clip – where the hole is for spray to come out of. We use the expression “hole-to-hole” when placing your insert into the aluminum casing; The hole of the insert should be facing the same side as the hole of the aluminum casing. You can also remember how to do this by making sure the flat side of the insert goes in first and is facing the safety clip (“flat bottom-to-safety clip.”) Once entered into the casing correctly, screw the top nozzle back on and the spray is ready for use.

8. How do I release the safety clip to activate the spray?

We use a secure safety clip that can be rapidly released. The safety clip has a wrap-around design near the actuator button. With the safety clip facing you, and the spray being horizontal, use your thumb to press the safety clip up. Once the secure safety clip is released, your spray is ready for use.

9. How do I test my PepperFace™ to make sure I know how to use it?

Since you are always better at using something the second time, versus the first time you try it out, PepperFace™ provides TEST inserts for practice. These TEST inserts are water based and are placed into the spray just like you would place the HEAT inserts – “hole-to-hole” or “flat bottom-to-safety clip.” Once the insert is placed in correctly, screw the hole side of the casing back on and release the safety clip (Remember, to release the safety clip use your thumb to push it up). After practicing, make sure to take out the TEST insert and place the HEAT insert in your casing.

10. What is the pepper spray (“HEAT” insert) made from?

Pepper spray is used as a disabling weapon that is an aerosol spray containing oils derived from the same chemical that makes cayenne peppers hot. Extraction of oleoresin capsicum (OC) from these peppers requires capsicum to be finely ground, from which capsaicin is then extracted using an organic solvent. The solvent is then evaporated, and the remaining wax-like resin is the oleoresin capsicum. An additive is used to suspend OC in water and pressurized to make it aerosol in pepper spray.

11. What’s the difference between pepper spray and mace?

The main difference is that pepper spray is an inflammatory agent while mace is an irritant. The original formula of mace has for the most part been discontinued because it was believed to be somewhat ineffective on certain individuals; mainly people under the influence. Nowadays, mace has been replaced with oleoresin capsicum (OC), which is the same ingredient used in pepper spray. Actual mace is not as strong or disorientating as pepper spray. Pepper spray will immediately incapacitate an attacker, even if they are under the influence, for 30-40 minutes. In addition, pepper spray will cause inflammation in the eyes and skin, difficulty in breathing, and a strong burning sensation. Mace does not have the same effects.

12. If I accidentally sprayed someone, how do I alleviate the burning sensation?

Since the spray is oil-based, if it’s on their skin do not touch the affected area. Touching the solution can spread to other areas on the body. Also due to the oil base, using water could provide temporary relief, but it will not last. If the pepper spray enters the eyes, blinking rapidly could help flush it out. Washing with hand soap, “no tears” baby shampoo, or dish soap can break up the oil. After that, the affected area can be rinsed with water.

13. At what temperature should I store my PepperFace™ pepper spray?

Do not store your PepperFace™ spray in an environment where the temperature exceeds 120°F (50°C). The HEAT insert may leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store the unit in a cold environment under 32°F (0°C). This may cause depressurization and the loss of effective range. When walking in cold areas, carry your spray in your bag or close to your body.

14. What is the expiration of the PepperFace™ spray and inserts?

The aluminum casing is durable and has a lifetime guarantee. The HEAT inserts last 18 - 24 months. After 24 months, you should refill any HEAT inserts. The TEST inserts have a 24-month expiration.

15. Are there any legal restrictions governing the use and sale of pepper sprays?

Though legal to carry pepper spray in all 50 states, some states have specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession, and use of pepper sprays. Since pepper sprays are used for defensive purposes only, they can only be sold to and used by persons 18 years of age or older. Below are the states that have certain restrictions, however, we recommend you check with your local city or county for any additional restrictions

  • New York – Can only be sold by local firearms dealers or in local pharmacies
  • Massachusetts – Can only be sold by local firearms dealers or in local pharmacies
  • Michigan – No more than 10% OC and canister/insert size can be no more than 1.2oz.
  • Wisconsin – No more than 10% OC and canister/insert size can be no more than 2.1oz.
  • California – Canister/insert size can be no more than 2.4oz.
  • Washington D.C. – Must register with the police for possession of pepper spray

PLEASE NOTE: PepperFace™ is legal to be sold and purchased in MI, WI and CA, due to the size of our canisters/inserts.

16. What’s the difference between the old PepperFace™ sprays and the new PepperFace™ sprays?

First, we are now manufacturing our own sprays with a new design. The new design offers a more attractive exterior casing that is lighter and just slightly wider than the old sprays. The slightly wider casing, that is barely noticeable, was formed to provide a further spray projection than the old units.

17. Are the old PepperFace™ inserts compatible with the new PepperFace™ sprays?

NO. Part of our redesigning process was to come up with a way to have a farther spray. In doing so, we made our sprays slightly wider in order to have more power behind the spray. The old inserts do not work in our new sprays, and our new inserts do not work in the old sprays. We no longer offer the old sprays OR inserts.

18. What’s the Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) percentage of the PepperFace™ pepper spray?

PepperFace™ has a true 10% OC. Our OC is 10% of the pepper formula ONLY. A lot of companies are misleading when they advertise that their sprays are 10% OC. Their 10% is calculated by taking everything in the canister into account – the water, propellant, oil, etc. Our percentage is just of the pepper formula itself, nothing else.

19. Why can I not ship my order overnight or via priority mail?

Unfortunately, shipping regulations prohibit shipping pepper spray via air freight (by plane). All orders must ship via ground transportation. It could take 5-7 business days for you to receive your order. This is a USPS shipping regulation, which is why we cannot offer faster shipping methods. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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