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Not Your Average Pepper Spray

The idea was simple: create a pepper spray that you wouldn't be a burden to carry with you.

One you wouldn't be afraid of misfiring.

One that, ultimately, didn't look embarrassing to have.

But why a pepper spray, and why us? That story is a little less simple to tell. At the time, my wife and I frequented a trail in our neighborhood for jogging. One morning we woke up to find out that a close of friend of ours, who was also into jogging, was attacked and robbed during her morning routine.

It could have easily been my wife or myself on the trail that morning.

We eventually found that she did not carry a pepper spray, and for the simplest reasons:

  • Too large to carry
  • A fear of using it incorrectly
  • It just wasn't the most pleasant looking accessory

Not long after, the idea struck us: why hasn't anyone developed something better? We figured, why not us? And so we went to work.

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