Heat® Replacement Insert

Overwhelmingly effective protection! Replaceable aerosol inserts contain 10% Oleoresin Capsicum which delivers Two Million Scoville Heat Units in strength. Individually date coded for reliability.

with heat insert
Test® Replacement Insert

Practice is the key to proper use under pressure. Test inserts provide the option to train safely by dispensing inert spray, allowing the user to become familiar with the Pepperface.com™ Edition Palm Defender®

with heat insert
Twin Pack Replacement Insert

Twin Pak contains both Test and Heat inserts. Offers the advantage to practice first in a safe environment with Test insert before loading Heat (Oleoresin Capsicum) insert.

with heat insert

Sapphire Lights

Brilliant blue crystal provides a high efficiency solid state beam. Forged aluminum body. Auto tension clip secures the Sapphire to your key ring, jacket or purse

with heat insert